Blog : The Hundreds

“The initial few hundred bucks we ever scrapped together from our personal bank accounts, Ben and I put towards screenprinting our first t-shirts. We asked an acquaintance of ours to help us out; he had a small 2-color press in his backyard, so we dropped off a CD of art files and a boxful of blanks. It was 2003 and we were off to a bright future in apparel.

Or so we thought. Weeks went by. Then months. Nothing. Excuses turned into straight-to-voicemail, turned into frustration. We had lost almost an entire summer waiting for our tees, our first accounts had been promised deliveries that were weeks late, and our precious blanks were held hostage in some woodshed in the Valley.

“Then how do you explain this?,” Ben asked, as he reached down and handed our friend a completely blank t-shirt.  No print anywhere.

And that was that.  15 minutes later we were sitting in the car, doors flung open, staring at the roof with the sun glinting in our eyes. “Our company’s over before we even started,” we wailed in self-pity.  That was everything, all our cash that had gone into the blanks — right down the drain with the ink washed from the screens…”

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