Elbow Elliott – Artist Profile

We are loving our rad new tee by artist Elbow Elliott. So we thought we would send him over some questions to find out more about him:

So Elliott you used to be a Chopper Team rider way back when, then you left us for the dusty streets of London, how are you finding it there? Do you miss the high life of Kettering or is the capital all its cracked up to be?

EE. Yeah, London is alright I suppose. Comes with some great spots to skate and there’s always plenty to do if you can be bothered to travel around. miss sponging tea’s and coffee off of you guys tho. Always worth a trip back.


We hear you have been doing a bit of travelling, what is your all time favourite skate spot nowadays?

EE. Errrr I spent the summer in Barcelona. That place is just one giant skate spot. Particular favourites was one place in barcelonetta behind the w hotel! And the other spot was a place called forum also in Barcelona. That’s like a playground full of stuff to skate. Google that shit. Way better than macba.


How did you get such a unique style of drawing? Are you self taught or have you secretly being studying at the Royal Academy?

EE. Self taught I guess. Just practice. I’m always drawing so it always changes a little from quite graphic illustration to some really detailed stuff. Guess it’s just what inspires me.


Your tattoos are becoming very sought after. Would you like to run your own studio one day? Or do you like to keep it underground?

EE. DIY is fun, But watch this space… Hopefully things are gonna be happening soon.


What did you have for breakfast this morning? Do you have the same everyday or are you just crazy and mix it up a bit?

EE. Shreddies

You like to wear you trousers hiked right up, we like to think you invented this style. Can you give us a heads up on what’s going to happen to the trouser hem in 2015?

EE. I’m waiting for the loss of trousers all together. No more nasty hems!

Big Love Mark and Amanda!!!

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Find more of Elliots work on Instagram @hellbowelliott or

Thanks Elliot

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