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As you know the council had a public consultation asking if you agreed they should criminalize skateboarding/bmxing/car clubs along with lots of other things in Kettering Town Centre. 75 % of the people that filled in the councils form were in favour of the skateboarders. Maybe the council were unhappy with the first results?

The form below was in the council’s reception and seems to us to encourage people to comment negatively about skateboarders what do you think…

If would be great if as many people as possible filled in the form.

We created an online version:

Maybe we should make our own form? With questions like “Do car parking charges put you off shopping in Kettering”? I wonder how many people would fill it in then?

We have also printed some out and put them on the side near the magazines in Chopper or could print a pdf version (Download Here) and send it to your local councillor by email a list of councillors can be found here:

More about the PSPO

We are still waiting to find out the councils final decision about the PSPO and if skateboarding in the town centre will become a criminal offence. This will be decided at an executive meeting which anybody can attend, as many people as possible would be really helpful! We are yet to be given the date as it keeps getting cancelled and the latest update is January. But as soon as we find out we will let you all know.

Open Letter – Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order

Kettering Council has proposed a public spaces protection order this will see skateboarding become a criminal offence in a large area of the town.

Sign the Petition now -

Update: 24/04/15

The council has grouped skateboarding, bmxing and scooters with other issues such as begging, the car park guys hanging out in London Road, under 18’s out after 11pm, loitering, drinking in the street etc please see the full document here:

By grouping the issues together in this way the council has created a list that will no doubt include something that annoys somebody somewhere, but are these issues really a crime? Are there different options we could try?

Most of the points on the Public Spaces Protection Order have long been part of living in Kettering and we can not understand why they would now become a criminal offence when there are already laws to deal with problems that cause genuine harm to society.

After we published the proposed PSPO on our Facebook we have been inundated with people who disagree with the council’s heavy handed tactics.

So we contacted the council with an open letter and formally asked them to halt their motion and start a proper process of consultation as a matter of urgency.

View the open letter sent on 23/04/15 here: Open Letter regarding the Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order PDF

We now had a reply to our letter from Councillor Derek Zanger which is available to view below. We also sent copies to all our local politicians and prospective politicians to find out their position on the matter.

Is your Politician representing YOU?

- Politicians that have responded and oppose the PSPO

Mick Scrimshaw – Labour - View PDF Response
Clark Mitchell - Labour - View PDF Response
Rhea Keehn – Labour Parlimentary Candidate - View PDF Response
Rob Reeves – Green Party Candidate - View PDF Response
Linda Adams - Labour - View PDF Response

- Politicians that have responded but been unclear on their position

Councillor Derek Zanger - Conservative – View PDF Response
Councillor Stephen Bellamy – Conservative - View PDF Response
Jonathan Bullock – UKIP - View PDF Response
Philip Hollobone – Conservative MP for Kettering - View PDF Response

- Politicians that have responded and support the PSPO


- Politicians that support elements of the PSPO

Maggie Don – Labour - View PDF Response

- Current Politicians that have NOT responded

Kettering Councillors; Duncan Bain, Michael Brown, Lloyd Bunday, James Burton, Ash Davies, Mark Dearing, June Derbyshire, Scott Edwards, Terry Freer, Ruth Groome, Jim Hakewill, Jenny Henson, David Howes, Anne Lee, Shirley Lynch, Mary Malin, Cliff Moreton, Russell Roberts, Mark Rowley, Jan Smith, Dave Soans, MikeTebbutt, Lesley Thurland, Greg Titcombe, Keli Watts, Jonathan West.

Update 27/04/15

Long Live Southbank sent an open letter to Councilor Derek Zanger on behalf of the wider skateboarding community. LLSB were instrumental in the campaign to save Southbank skate spot in London in 2014 and have supported various skateboarding campaigns in the UK and around the world.

View the open letter here:

Update 15/05/15

Yesterday we sent an open letter to Councillor Derek Zanger in reply to his response to the open letter which was sent from Chopper Skate Shop & Friends on 23 April.

This is a joint letter from Chopper Skate Shop, Long Live Southbank and Kettering Skate Park & Friends as the proposed PSPO has country wide implications we will be fighting the PSPO together.

We now have over 2500 signatures for our petition therefore “‘If a petition contains more than 2,500 signatures it will be debated by the full council… This means that the issue raised in the petition will be discussed at a meeting which all councillors can attend’.

The proposed PSPO came out of the blue with no warning.  No person has approached representatives of the Skateboarding community to raise concerns about complaints or damage.  We would like the council to scrap the proposed PSPO and work with the people effected to try and resolve the issues they have now highlighted? instead of jumping straight in with the hard line approach of criminalisation.

We recognise that you are just settling in to your new roles but hopefully you can appreciate the severity of the proposals implications not only for the skateboarding community but for all the other restrictions raised on the PSPO which are already well covered by current laws.

Thank you for your time and for reading through the attached letter, please could you let us know if you will be supporting or objecting to the proposed PSPO.

View the open letter here:

Photos: Matt Clarke

Levi’s Skateboarding 2015

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Elbow Elliott – Artist Profile

We are loving our rad new tee by artist Elbow Elliott. So we thought we would send him over some questions to find out more about him:

So Elliott you used to be a Chopper Team rider way back when, then you left us for the dusty streets of London, how are you finding it there? Do you miss the high life of Kettering or is the capital all its cracked up to be?

EE. Yeah, London is alright I suppose. Comes with some great spots to skate and there’s always plenty to do if you can be bothered to travel around. miss sponging tea’s and coffee off of you guys tho. Always worth a trip back.


We hear you have been doing a bit of travelling, what is your all time favourite skate spot nowadays?

EE. Errrr I spent the summer in Barcelona. That place is just one giant skate spot. Particular favourites was one place in barcelonetta behind the w hotel! And the other spot was a place called forum also in Barcelona. That’s like a playground full of stuff to skate. Google that shit. Way better than macba.


How did you get such a unique style of drawing? Are you self taught or have you secretly being studying at the Royal Academy?

EE. Self taught I guess. Just practice. I’m always drawing so it always changes a little from quite graphic illustration to some really detailed stuff. Guess it’s just what inspires me.


Your tattoos are becoming very sought after. Would you like to run your own studio one day? Or do you like to keep it underground?

EE. DIY is fun, But watch this space… Hopefully things are gonna be happening soon.


What did you have for breakfast this morning? Do you have the same everyday or are you just crazy and mix it up a bit?

EE. Shreddies

You like to wear you trousers hiked right up, we like to think you invented this style. Can you give us a heads up on what’s going to happen to the trouser hem in 2015?

EE. I’m waiting for the loss of trousers all together. No more nasty hems!

Big Love Mark and Amanda!!!

- – -

Find more of Elliots work on Instagram @hellbowelliott or

Thanks Elliot

Grant Taylor & Pedro Barros

Grant Taylor & Pedro Barros shredding the huge bowl in Portugal…

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