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Levi’s Skateboarding 2015

March 6th, 2015 | Feature

We have a range of Jeans, Shirts, Tee’s & Hoodies from Levi’s Skateboarding…


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“Reimagined basics — designed and constructed to endure”

Nike SB x Diamond Supply Co. PR Hi Dunk

March 28th, 2014 | Blog, Feature, Shop News



Interview : Seb Bishop

March 11th, 2014 | Blog, Feature, Shop News

We are loving our Gnarly new Chopper tees designed by Seb Bishop so we sent him some questions to see
whats up!….

Pop into the shop to grab one! they are £17.95 for the Black & White version and £19.95 for full colour. We have tie die on the way also!

Read a little more about Seb below and follow him on Instagram: @sebhibition


So Seb, how did you get so shit hot at drawing pictures is it down to practise or were you just born that way?

I’ve always been into drawing, I been practising all my life, so I guess it’s a bit of both!

Skateboarding has been part of your life from an early age, how do you think this influences your art?

Since I can remember I’ve skateboarded and drawn, they came together about the same time for me. Skateboarding influenced only my creative art, where i would draw from my mind and not robot copy, like the portraits i draw. Seeing unique art on t-shirts and decks as a whipper snapper and now, definitely inspires me to keep drawing from my mind.

Who do think made the best ever deck graphic?

I’ve always been influenced by Powell Peralta artist Vernon Courtlandt Johnson, aka VCJ. Gota be The ripper and the Bones Brigade graphics!

Which is the best deck you have ever skated?

I’ve had a lot so its pretty tough to say, would have to say i learnt a lot of tricks on my Creature vs Putrid deck.

Which company would you most love to work with on a design?

Probably Santa cruz or Creature or Black label haha

Do you have an all time favourite skater?

When I was younger I had and skated every Bucky Lasek Birdhouse deck that came out!, but it has to be Christian Hosoi!

Skateboarding goes in and out of fashion along with width of the jeans, do you long for the day when the jeans are 30” across the bottom again or are you glad to keep things tight?

Haha I’ve been through the days where baggy was cool then spray on tight were cool, I’m glad to say I’m happy the fashion is leveling out.

Welcome to the SUPRA Crown Coalition

February 18th, 2013 | Feature, Shop News

“Because of your reverent dedication and devout commitment to skateboarding, your esteemed establishment has been admitted to the inner circle of this exclucive society. The Crown Coalition us a small and elite federation of establishments that have been hand selected by the Crown to participate in the Coalition’s rites.

The rites will be laid out in due course, but it will be stated here that they involve the release of four vary special limited edition projects per year. Your commitment to the Crown Coalition ensures that you will receive all four projects in the coming year. You will be well equated with each project before its delivery.

And while the Coalitions membership is covert, the fruits of its labours are not; Supra will be devoting substainable resousrces to ensure that each Crown Coalition limited edition release is well known and coveted throughout the entire civilised world.

Welcome to the SUPRA Crown Coalition.”

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Feature : Vans SK8 Mid Pro John Cardiel Chestnut / White

January 30th, 2013 | Feature

“In 1977 Tony Alva modified the Classic Authentic by adding collar padding and a heel cap for support, making the first shoe specifically for skateboarding. So this idea of Pro Classics has been around for awhile. Every season we work on these to make them a little bit better than the last, so for Fall 2011, we added a new sockliner, DURACAP® to the upper and kept the price the same as before. Skate Pro Classics. They’re the best. Only better.”

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